The College Library is a gateway to the world of information. The staff and students have an unlimited access to the wealth of information, which is found in resources like books, magazines, journals, statistical references related to many different subjects, encyclopedias, annual reports and internet. In addition, the library offers spacious seating arrangements and a calm ambience for learning.

Library is open for all the members of Law School. Its working hours are from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm Monday to Friday and from 8:00 am to 4.00 pm on Saturdays.


  • our college library has access to all the printed resources such as books, journals and magazines as well as electronic journals for the use of faculties and students.
  • Automated library enables easy accessibility and optimum usage.
  • Reading room, discussion room and self-study cubicles are made exclusively for faculty members and students * OPAC facility is also installed for easy search
  • Wireless router is installed to facilitate internet usage and laptop connectivity

Reprographic facility:-

  • Display of newspaper clippings on current topics, also about career guidance and employment opportunities.
  • Book bank facility for economically backward students
  • Notice board for information display and notifications
  • Continuous power backup facility
  • Competitive exam materials
  • Mass subscription of dailies / journals for students

Collection Development
Books from vendors on approval will be available in the library from time to time. Faculties are encouraged to purchase the titles in display and make recommendations. Recommendation forms are available in library. Selected new books will be a displayed and are reserved for a period of two weeks before being available for general circulation.

Any student may recommend new books & journal subscription. Library committee will decide based on the input from faculties and the academic need.



Circulation of Materials
Students may borrow books or journals during working hours, at the library circulation counter. A Student may borrow three books, two Journals & two CD’s in their name. The books are issued to the students for a period of ten days. For faculty members ten books are issued in a month and then the tenure can be renewed if no prior reservations are made on the borrowed books. Journals and CD’s may be issued for a period of three days to students and a week’s time is given for faculty members. Books & Journals placed on reserve by the library staff, are not issued outside.
The Library materials in certain advertised categories may not be issued without special permission:



Reference Books

Project Reports

Un Bound Parts/Current Issues of Journals

The above documents need special permission for issuing.
Students are fined if they do not return the book at the specified time. Periodicals and CD’s, Books borrowed from the library cannot be taken outstation, unless the special permission is given by the management. Students should deposit their borrowed materials in the library before latest Journals/ Magazines & Newspapers arrive, fresh edition of books and periodicals cannot be issued out of the Library before a specified period.

Our library has 6000 + books, 250 + bound volumes, 280 periodicals which includes 190 national periodicals and 90 international periodicals.03 case studies. We provide 12 different newspapers for the students to be well equipped with the current affairs, there are 7 data bases. We have 2,735+ excellent collection of academic CDs/DVDs, Audio Cassettes and maps for young minds to broaden their horizon in knowledge. Not only with books but also with audio visual aids as well.

Reference Books
Readers may reserve books or Journals for a period of one day by writing the name against the message (“Please leave”/”Don’t disturb”) and the date. This date may be changed once the reserved material is used, or the reserved material will be replaced on the shelves after the blocked date.



Online Journals/Resources

The law school library has subscribed to online information as well. We regularly add new Journals & Resources to our collection for the benefit of students and the information is easily accessible to all the users. Downloading the entire issues/volumes of these resources is considered illegal; as it goes against the licensed agreement we have entered with the publishers. Thus we would emphasize, these resources have been governed by license agreements and by the copyright law. Downloading of the entire journal issue or a complete volume in a systematic fashion is strictly prohibited. The responsibility for the appropriate use of licensed material lies with the user.

Audio Video Service
Audio and the Video services are available to Post Graduate students only. Management and Faculty members of Law School may recommend the purchase of desired or relevant Audio Video CD’s to the Librarian based on the requirement the course.

The College has a well equipped and furnished Library. It has all the facilities such as computerized sources, Internet, Wi-Fi technology with CCTV surveillance, which creates a good reading environment to the Students and staff members.


Books – 6000

Journals/Reports – 12

Foreign Reports – 03

Back Volumes – 223


All India Reporter since 1950 including both Supreme Court and high courts

Criminal Law Journal since 1950

Supreme Court Cases since 1969

Indian Law Reports [Karnataka series] since 2001

Labour Law, SCW, ACJ, Banking Cases, ALR, Crimes since 2000