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The merit scholarship is initiated for meritorious students based on their performance.
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The Courtroom Experience is an interactive, guided tour of the original courtrooms.
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ABBS- law college in Bangalore for integrated 5 years program BBA LLB

Why ABBS Law College In Banglore?

We offer the most affordable law college in Bangalore fee structure, Established under the aegis of Samagra Shikshana Samithi Trust (1997), the institution with a cherished ambition to impart legal education which is a very important step towards spreading legal awareness and empowering the helpless in society.

ABBS a top LLB college in Bangalore is affiliated with Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi, and recognized by the Bar Council of India, New Delhi. The Governing council here consists of accomplished academicians, legal luminaries, management experts, and persons of eminence in public service. Every year two times the Governing council meets and discusses to review the academic and administrative attempts done for the growth of our students.

As the years are passing we take pride in welcoming the aspiring law professionals at the ABBS Law college in Bangalore for an integrated 5 years BBA-LLB program. From all over India the candidates who are passionate about pursuing their career in Law management can board the top law college in Bangalore, ABBS. Studying at the best law college in Bangalore will help students to develop a logical, analytical, and critical understanding of legal affairs.

Enroll Yourself At ABBS best law college in Bangalore And Never Cease To Grow…

We are the one trending for making bright scholars of Law, thereby we are among the top 10 law colleges in Bangalore.For any aspiring student seeking admission to law college in Andrahalli, Bangalore we offer a 5 years integrated BBA-LLB program. Here at ABBS law school in Bangalore,we aim to deliver the knowledge of Law that makes you win every debate. The learning that you carry with you from here will always have your back in any circumstances of your life. Here the Law courses we provide take a top-down approach, emphasizing mastery of high-level concepts that can be easily done. Ultimately, studying at ABBS law school in Bangalore equips students with a deeper understanding of legal matters, policy, theories, and case studies.

LLB College

Mission and vision empowered.

The legal profession is becoming challenging and demanding in this ever-changing and complex society. Hence, we at ABBS top law college in Bangalore, strive for the all-around development of the students by conducting various activities like legal aid and legal literacy camps, NSS camps, blood donation camps; study centres on Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar to inculcate their ideologies. I once again take this opportunity to welcome you to explore the Abbs law college in Bangalore fee structure.

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Law As a Profession
Our Approach
Life At ABBS

Law As a Profession

At ABBS Law school in Bangalore, we help you to get a strong understanding of career opportunities available in Law. Taking admission to any Law college in Bangalore is fruitful only when at the end of the line you know your potential. In India pursuing LLB is becoming an option for many gradually, but not everyone is aware of the key attributes of building a career in Law. Therefore we help you get a better understanding of the career opportunities in LLB.

During the course of studying at Law College in Bangalore, every student is questioned what will you do after LLB? What salary will you be paid? Are you talented enough to hold a place in this field? The litany of questions goes on.

One retorted answer is that law education opens up a plethora of career opportunities. You can become a lawyer and practice exclusively in a particular field that you find most suitable for you. And the specializations as well as other careers do need to exist in the typical courtroom scenario that usually everyone associates the law with! Law as a career expands the immense scope of knowledge that will help you in all aspects of your life. Once you acquire your degree from BBA-LLB college in Bangalore you could evolve to be a solicitor to deal with crucial legal matters in the country.

Taking into account the circumstances of the world post-Covid-19 the demand and scope for lawyers are rising at a very fast pace.

With the financial up-down, crises of illness, legal authorities reforms, health care disparities to the fragility of small companies every aspect will need professional legal service in the coming times. The forthcoming decade is going to keep the lawyers unimaginably engaged. There are enormous benefits of completing a 5 years BBA-LLB integrated course from any top law college in Bangalore that opens the gate to success for you.

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Benefits of Doing LAW Course in ABBS Law School

ABBS's top law college in Bangalore is an impeccable option for aspiring law professionals. Here at ABBS, we are inclined to provide students with pioneer legal education reforms. ABBS Law college in Bangalore fee structure that is convenient for every student willing to have a career in Legal reforms.

We are among the top 10 law colleges in Bangalore because of our unique study patterns and expert legal educators. We have remained a leader in the field of legal education in Bangalore for years and are heading forward to sustain the same for the coming years.

1. Prodigious campus environment.

2. Encouraging and “always ready to help” variety of tutors.

3. Student welfare and other amenities are available at optimum.

4. Enabling scholars to learn and explore as much as they can.

5. Affordable Fee Structure.

6. Various practical programs that help to attain experience.

7. Emphasis on experiential learning

8. Extensive interactions with legal luminaries, practicing lawyers, and judges.

9. Regular Moot Courts and visits to courts-in-session.

It is evident from the above pointers that a student can excel in his/her career once achieving a 5-year BBA-LLB degree from ABBS the law college in Bangalore for integrated 5 years program BBA LLB.

Our Approach

We have devised optimal conveniences for students so that they can make themselves competent efficiently and complete the law courses in Bangalore fully-fledged. Here our specialists for legal education are intensively involved in creating curricular affairs for students with the highest contemporary standards, faculty members dedicated to conveying socially relevant learning experiences to the students, we enable the scholars to generate impactful reforms that are not only systematic but also sustainable, we empower them with the digitization of academic and research resources. With the assemblage of research centers, projects underway, and a group of adroit faculty and administrators, ABBS is among the top 10 law colleges in Bangalore. We seek to create opportunities that will open doors to a more inclusive, progressive, and innovative approach to law and order education.

Life At ABBS in Banglore

The campus of ABBS law school in Bangalore is established enfolding an extensive land area. It is home to a vibrant student community that includes student clubs and other occasions. Students get the chance to engage in moot courts and debates at a competitive level, both domestically and internationally which helps in grooming their personalities as proficient. Our campus is equipped with a state-of-the-art library, multiple academic centers student lodging, auditorium, cafeteria, medical and health care, and many more essential facilities. The LLB college in Bangalore is committed to functioning as a polishing environment for future leaders.

ABBS- The best pick to pursue the Law courses in Bangalore

At ABBS law school in Bangalore, we strive to qualify our students with a top-notch legal education. It is impossible for us to comprise the quality of the learnings and we value the time and money that a student invests here with an object to have a glorious career ahead. Our Integrated 5-year Bachelor's Degree Program in Law has taken the authenticity of our legal education to another level. Students from every corner of the country are showing keen interest to take part in this program and reaching to take admission to our Law school in Bangalore.

The most convenient law college in Bangalore fee structure makes sure that every pass out from our college would be capable of doing great in their respective range of legal practice. We have formed this institute with a perspective to convey to scholars that legal education is a professional course and provide the opportunity for a fresh 10+2 pass-out to make an immediate career choice from here.

As the Best law college in Bangalore, we strive to deliver PRE-PLACEMENT TRAINING to the students in order to make them ready to perform and carry out their business or operate with corporations intensively. This facility is available exclusively at our BBA-LLB college in Bangalore, ABBS, with the perspective to extend the demand of our professionals by well-known corporations bodies or legal institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criterion for LLB colleges in Bangalore ?

5year BBA LL.B – Candidates who have completed10th std and +2 / P.U.C

How long is LLB course?

BBA.LL.B – 5 Years duration

Is CLAT compulsory for LLB?

Not compulsory – but may be preferred

Is entrance exam necessary for LLB colleges in Bangalore ?

May be preferred

What is the difference between 3 year LLB and 5 year LLB?

3 year LL.B – 3 years duration, any graduate (10 + 2 + 3 pattern) from any stream from any UGC recognised University is eligible for admission as per KSLU Norms.
5 year LL.B – 5 years Duration, candidates of 10 + 2 pattern from any stream from any state recognised Secondary Board of education is eligible for admission as per KSLU Norms.
Integrated Course available in 5 years course such as B.A.LL.B, BBA.LL.B and B.COM.LL.B

What is the selection process in top law colleges in Bangalore ?

Entrance test and Viva
Merit Basis

What is the minimum qualification for LLB?

10th and +2 or P.U.C or Equalent course

What about hostel accommodation in law colleges bangalore?

Available for outstation students

What is the maximum age limit for LLB?

20 years for GM and OBC
25 years for SC / ST

What is the eligibility for LLB course?

10th std + PUC in any stream

Can I get admission in law college after 12th?

Yes , subject to KSLU Rules governing admission to 5 year Law courses

What are the job opportunities after LL.B/ BA.LL.B apart from law practice?

Teaching in law colleges and Universities, practice before courts,Judiciary, Legal assistant or legal officer in various State and central Govt Depts, Banking sector, Insurance companies, Law firms, LPO, MNC and so on.

Law College in Bangalore

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What Our Students Say

“The best college for the Law course”

The basics are set strong, which will help you in your professional life. Faculty is excellent and the campus placements are too good. The facilities provided in this college and also the extracurricular activities, will help you grow as a professional and make you ready to face the tough challenges in the life. Doing BBA, LL.B in this college is the best stepping stone for your future assignments.

- Kuchivari Palli Nagavamsi

“Game Changer College for me”

ABBS School of Law has been a game changer college for me. Lot of things i have learnt in this college and have actually helped in my career and personal life. Faculties have been excellent in their support. College keeps you busy and i feel is at par with the top institutes. Thus it keeps you ready to cope up with challenges. Wonderful experience to be part of this institute.

- Sai Datta Vamshi

“Best experience of life at such a low fee”

The Law School Campus serves the best need of infrastructure .The people of this college caught my attention due to their simplicity, goodwill, they are very approachable and helpful .The good vibe inculcates the desire to be part of their institution and grow with them. A great amount of learning with a lot of fun. Finally, this place gives me the hope it will take me a step closer to my dream.

- Deshwant L

“Best place to learn! Great experience in ABBSSL”

On every of the best campuses ever! We have A GOOD library, well stacked books with computer lab. It's quite strict when it comes to exams, but yeah, they're supposed to be. The faculty is excellent; the other part is really good. Each and every teacher is friendly and approachable. The college organises several workshops, conferences, law fest and ad infinitum, which brings top legal luminaries from book and corners of the country to come and address the students. And it gives an academic as well as a social life, which is really essential for a student. It has been an amazing experience being here at ABBS School of law.

- G.Prajwal

“Best education at affordable price”

I am experiencing a boost in my personality and knowledge, as the college serves me with the rich nurturing environment. Moreover, the faculties are good and support the students in and outside the class. The college conducts a couple of activities, where the students get opportunity to showcase their learning and also it works as the knowledge booster for both presenter and audience. Happy to study in this Law School.

- Dharani Kumar C.M

“Best college and Best experience”

Excellent returns in terms of studies and teachers are the biggest influence on students and help in building intellectual capabilities. Most of the students don't know about the college as because of less marketing or promotional activities. It helps the students to have the best of the best academic experiences with a dynamic learning environment.

- Sai krishnan