Induction and Orientation

Purpose of Student Induction Programme is to help new students adjust and feel comfortable in the new environment, inculcate in them the ethos and culture of the institution, help them build bonds with other students and faculty members, and expose them to a sense of larger purpose and self-exploration.

ABBS School of law conducts induction and orientation at the beginning of each academic where the faculties introduce themselves provide the basic information of the academic year and the rules and regulations.

Lesson Plan and Syllabus

To help and gain a better understanding and comprehension of culture, diversity and society and to develop secular values of tolerance, communal amity and peaceful existence.

The methodology that are used are Blackboard, group discussion, PowerPoint. And the students will be having assignment and presentation.

  • General English
  • Business Environment
  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Legal Methods
  • II
  • Kannada (Kanoonu Kannada)
  • Kannada Kali
  • Principles and Practice of Management
  • Economic Development in India
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Law of Torts
  • III
  • Business Communication
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Human Resources Management – Industrial Relations
  • Business Statistics
  • Constitutional law-I
  • IV
  • Financial Management
  • International Business
  • Constitutional Law-II
  • Law of Crimes-I
  • Contract –I
  • V
  • Labour Law –I
  • Jurisprudence
  • Family Law-I
  • Contract –II (Special Contract)
  • Administrative Law
  • VI
  • Labour Law –II
  • Company Law
  • Property law
  • Family Law-II Mohd. Law and Indian succession Law
  • VII
  • Public International Law
  • Law of Taxation
  • Criminal Law –II Cr.Pc
  • Professional Ethics Professional Accounting
  • VIII
  • Law of Evidence
  • Human Rights Law and Practice
  • Insurance Law
  • Banking Law
  • Right to Information
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • IX
  • Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act
  • Intellectual Property Rights-I
  • Penology &Victimology
  • Interpretation of Statues
  • Competition Law
  • Drafting Pleading and Conveyance
  • X
  • Environmental Law
  • Moot Court
  • Land Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights II
  • White Collor Crimes
  • International Trade and Economics
  • Student council:
    • The Students' Council is the apex students' body of ABBS School of Law. The Student Council acts as link between the students and the college faculty and administration. The Council addresses student grievances and co-ordinates guest lectures by visiting faculty, seminars, conferences, scholarships, etc. It also assists in maintenance of the Library, and Augments smooth functioning of the other student bodies of ABBS School of Law.
    Student Council 2022-2023 Office Bearers:
      Deputy Director of Student Welfare

    • V Rugmini - Asst Professor
    • Moot Court Incharge

    • Dr Shoba Rani- Program Coordinator
    • Legal Aid Incharge

    • Sheethal.T.C – Asst Professor
    • ADR Committee

    • Pranav Varma – Asst Professor
    • NSS Committee

    • Jasmin K.A- Asst Professor
    • Cultural Committee

    • Pranjali Pandey- Asst Professor
    Student Council Members: Students Representatives
    1. Sai Datta Vamshi Sharma

    2. Khachitri T.N

    3. Aakanksha

    4. Varun Kumar D

    5. Nikhita Madalagi

    Internships are mandatory according to the BCI norms. To get into a Corporate Law Firm, a student needs guided internship experience. Internships are to be planned and pursued keeping in mind the skills which can be sharpened for a high-paying job with the focussed guidance provided by the experienced faculty. This way, students are exposed to experiential learning and skill-enhancement techniques.

    ABBS School of law students already are into internship with various legal luminiaries such as Judges, Advocates, Institutions, Organisations etc. and Successfully completed their Internship in different parts of India as required by the Karnataka State Law University


    Higher education is as much as or probably more about outside the classroom learning than the classroom learning. Students from predominantly one particular culture, class, academic level or gender hinder the goal of outside the classroom learning.

    At ABBS, we want students from diverse states and even countries,diverse economic backgrounds and diverse talents. A highly diverse cohort will not only lead better learning outcomes but also better placements.

    We believe that on one hand academic excellence should be rewarded on the other, financial challenges should not discourage a student from exploring promising educational opportunities.

    Our application and admission process is quite comprehensive and assesses the applicants on a number of criteria, thereby increasing the chances of earning scholarships. Every applicant to any Undergraduate or Postgraduate program is required to go through the following stages. Based on the performance in these stages, an applicant can earn a generous scholarship.

    Our students who are eligible can also be the beneficiaries of the National level and State level scholarship

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