Research in the Legal sector is a rigorous process and in order to conduct quality research, there are a variety of factors which a researcher must keep in mind. A research paper should be conducted pre-planned, and researcher should keep a control over the study, such that, nothing should be added which is not associated or helpful with respect to the topic chosen. A good research document consists of comprehensive overview of an issue and discusses its context. It is also to keep a note that the researcher should follow the code of ethics in research and the same is stated below –

  1. Professional competence – Technical soundness of a research is the principle quality that is expected in a research. Teaching of research methodology is the main focus in ABBS School of Law and also conducts research as a part of the curriculum.

  2. Integrity – Honesty, genuineness and originality in research are expected from a researcher.

  3. Social responsibility – Research must conduct themselves in a such a manner that is not disorderly to the society. It is the researcher’s responsibility to give back to the society the knowledge that t has been able to bank through observation of the society itself.
  1. Methodology – The methodology section of the research paper deals with how particular research has been conducted. There are two major ways in which the research is conducted – (i) Doctrinal Research methodology & (ii) Empirical Research Methodology.

  2. Citation – Citation is a way you tell the reader that certain material of your work has been borrowed from a different source. The researcher is bound to acknowledge the work of the author from which he/she has taken reference.

  3. Plagiarism – Plagiarism refers to the act of copying an idea or presentation thereof and presenting it as one`s own. Whenever any material is being taken from any source the same shall be acknowledged by way of citation. Incorrect citation or no citation at all is one way of plagiarising. Quoting a large amount of content of an author`s work and presenting it without either the knowledge of the actual author or not referencing it to their credit, is plagiarism. It is the duty of the researcher to maintain their originality in their research work, and the same can be obtained if the percentage of plagiarism is less. It opens the door of easy access to earn a name in research.
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