Career Opportunities After Studying BBA - LLB Integrated Program


In this competitive era where businesses need to comply with strict laws and regulations imposed by the government in order to maintain justice and a healthy competitive environment from small level to huge organizations all seek the help of Law professionals. Apart from being a legal practitioner in the courtroom, these days legal professionals are also hired by businesses as their consultants and for other roles.

If you are launching any product or service in the market, it might expose unique risks and customer value propositions. In order to deal with such matters, the government imposes strict policies for all concerned and involved with the organization which counts employees, management, stakeholders, employers, competitors, and customers. If you are the one who admires working at an intersection of business management and law, doing law courses in Bangalore is the best opportunity for you.

Scope After Studying At Law colleges in Bangalore For An Integrated 5 Years BBA-LLB Program

Which else stream can offer a wider scope than acquiring a degree in two of the most rapidly advancing streams?

This is what the BBA-LLB integrated program from Law schools in Bangalore brings to you, a wider scope with endless career possibilities. The main motto behind the law courses in Bangalore with the law colleges in Bangalore's convenience fee structure is to produce professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills that are applicable to the business management and law sectors.

Students who have studied at law colleges in Bangalore for an integrated 5 years program BBA LLB are extremely valuable for the corporate world and big industries. The graduates from law schools in Bangalore are in high demand for both the public and private sectors jobs.

Career Opportunities For BBA-LLB Graduates


After studying at law colleges in Bangalore for an integrated 5 years BBA LLB Program you can also opt to work as a legal practitioner in the judiciary system.

As this degree delivers knowledge on the blend of law and current corporate trends lawyers can send legal notices, investigate the facts and evidence by conferring with their clients, review documents, defend their clients in the legal framework, and conduct settlement of a case through negotiations, reconciliation, and compromises.

Law Writer

This profession is very interesting and is for those who have technical knowledge of the law. Upon completion of law courses in Bangalore, candidates can apply for the job of Law writer. The task of the law writer is to produce writing material of any kind for the legal industry. It is closely associated with the field of Technical Writing.

It involves writing for laws, expression of rights, duties, and other legal analyses. The style of writing needs to be crisp, sharp, to-the-point, and lucid. These writers are employed by lawyers, judges, legislators, and other professionals from the legal industry. No doubt that strong statements hold significant relevance in the eyes of the court so getting legal writing work done by professionals is in high demand by the corporations.

Business Consultant

In today’s era where businesses and legal affairs go simultaneously within the corporate world, doing law courses in Bangalore offers you an opportunity to begin your career as a business consultant at small organizations to big organizations of the world.

The entrepreneurs are much more aware and concerned about the legal action that can be taken against their company, so in order to save themselves from unwanted circumstances, companies need professionals who can study the market, determine potential opportunities and risks, suggest solutions, and business expansion strategies, etc.

The professionals are expected to advise companies on all the legal issues they are facing and develop strong policies for their businesses. Law schools in Bangalore make students capable to fulfil all these criteria ought to be business consultants. If you are choosing this profession as your career there is no chance for regret because, with the rapid growth in businesses and start-up culture, these professionals have an ever-increasing demand in the global market.

Education sector

Professionals who have done law courses in Bangalore can begin a career in the education sector as well. The enthusiasts of the teaching field can go with this career opportunity after studying at law schools in Bangalore.

With proficiency in both management studies and law, you can either choose to teach in one field or both fields combined. For this, aspirants can either seek higher education or clear competitive exams like UGC NET, SET, State CET, etc. Due to the rising demand for BBA LLB graduates, the demand for these professors is also high.

Further studies

Those who are willing to get a more prominent job and are ready to acquire more knowledge and develop expertise can continue to study for further degrees. Law schools in Bangalore offer BBA-LLB graduates to study for a higher degree which can be LLM (Master's degree in Law). Students post the LLM course can become advocates, lawyers, judges, or pursue PhD.